Business Startup Made Easy!

Do you shudder thinking about terms such as marketing, promotion or business plans?

Lacking direction for what’s next with your Business?

Are you uncertain what to do, how to get started, and are afraid you may fail?

Many service professionals, such as registered dietitians or personal trainers, and consultants dream of one day owning their own business. But the uncertainty and lack of knowing what to do can take over and keep you from moving forward.

Just Jump is a book that speaks the language of the service professional.

Just Jump Book
Other books jump right into the business side of starting a business. Makes sense! HOWEVER, for someone who has no background in business, the result is multiple false starts, and then just walking away or starting up without the clear vision and purpose a truly successful business venture requires.

Overcome the doubting conversations

This book is a journey. I am your travel guide.

Just Jump will take you from the very birth of what you want, prompt you to look deep within yourself to discover your vision, dig into that place where the passion and drive and desire is, to help you create that business of your dreams.

You then are encouraged to look seriously at the fears that have held you back until now, providing you with exercises to help you overcome those fears so you can come out the other end and start forming goals.

Just as I did with my health and wellness clients – professionals in a service based industry, like you, I teach the basics and help you learn how to listen to yourself. I give you the tools to build your confidence. To 'pump you up', so to speak!

By the end of the book, you will be strong, confident and self-assured!

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"This book is fantastic!!!  Very solid strategies...I wish this book was available when I first got out of school!!  Most health professionals, including myself, haven't had any business classes, so it's a guessing game as to where to turn!  This definitely shortens the learning curve dramatically!!  It's a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur!"

Christopher R. Mohr, PhD, RD, CSSD

Owner, Mohr Results, Inc

Go one step further with the Companion Workbook

Just Jump WorkbookYou can purchase Just Jump on Amazon, but nowhere else is the Companion e-book (digital version only) available. This e-workbook contains an endless amount of bonus material.

Just Jump walks you through setting up your business and seeing clients, beginning with your vision, completing with your marketing calendar.

The companion e-book is available to help you through the process outlined in Just Jump. This e-book includes all worksheets for the exercises in Just Jump, along with other 'extras' about corporate structure, contracts, putting a website together, among other things.

The e-book contains other products that, if bought separately, would cost you over $25!

Purchase the combo package of the Companion e- workbook with Just Jump, you only spend $5 more.

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See what others have to say about Just Jump

Margie, this is JUST what I was looking for!  Thank you and FANTASTIC job!!! ...this book is a MUST HAVE for fitness professionals who want to start their own business.  I remember going to Borders and skimming the shelves but none of the business books really "spoke" to me.  I do not consider myself a business savvy person so I needed something that was specific to the fitness industry.  "Just Jump" is the roadmap that I have been looking for!

Christina Todd, ACSM-CPT, NSCA-CPT

Finally! A book written in plain English by someone who has successfully made the Jump to self-employment and is willing to share her insights with the rest of us! This book is a must read for anyone in the health and fitness industry who ever considered being their own boss. Marjorie Geiser writes with passion and anticipates your questions in a way that makes you feel she's sitting just across the kitchen table with you, as your own personal coach.

Joe Cannon, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Author, speaker and self-employed personal trainer

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margie-geiserJust Jump is written by Marjorie Geiser, President and CEO of MEG Enterprises, Inc.

Margie is a Registered Dietitian, Life Coach, and has an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Margie realized that many people wanted a tool they could use to work through the process by themselves. She also realized that there was a missing link in the other books and workshops that are available to service professionals. In 2007, while in one of her Entrepreneur classes, she realized she needed to solidify her coaching process that she had successfully developed through the years. Her coach at the time pointed out that the best way to do this was to put it down on paper and write a book. As a result, Just Jump was born.

Learn more about Margie Geiser on her Meg-Enterprises website.